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Who we are is an international financial market education and training organisation with offices in Darwin, Singapore and Beijing. We provide independent education, training, analysis and resources for retail and professional financial market traders involved in stocks, CFD’s, warrants, derivatives, futures and commodities since 1996. Our objective is to provide you with quality independent education and professional assistance because the financial market does not recognise learner traders.


What we do provides:

  • Personally signed copies of Daryl Guppy's books.
  • Weekly market newsletters for Australian and Asian markets.
  • Weekly analysis newsletter for the China mainland market.
  • Extensive independent internet resources for traders.
  • National and international trading seminars.
  • Professional certified financial training for traders.
  • Charting products and training products.
  • IP licensing and licensing of Guppy training delivery (ask for details)
  • Analysis to financial media, including CNBCAsia and Reuters.
  • Free MetaStock formulas and book reviews.
  • Workshops for companies with business in China.

Many of the resources on this site are free. This is the home of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator, Count Back Line, Parabolic trends, modern Darvas style trading and other proprietary trading techniques, developed by founder and director, Daryl Guppy.


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Who is Daryl Guppy?

Daryl Guppy appears regularly on CNBCAsia and is known as "The Chart Man". He is an equity and derivatives trader and author of books including Share Trading, Market Trading Tactics, Snapshot Trading, Better Stock Trading, Trend Trading and The 36 Strategies of The Chinese For Financial Traders. Daryl Guppy is a contributor for financial magazines and media including:

  • 'Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities' magazine.
  • A weekly column on CNBC Asia website
  • A weekly column in China Daily
  • 'Active Trader'.
  • 'Your Trading Edge'.
  • The Singapore and Malaysian business weekly, 'TheEdge'.
  • Weekly on Stocks' and 'Shanghai Security News' in China. (Mandarin only)

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With regards to the TIATA, this is the best value for money trading newsletter by far. I have from time to time subscribed to most other publications and none come near the quality of your newsletter. Sure, you do not give stock tips and that's fine. It is a great tool to learn to trade the share market. I primarily use GMMAs for my trading and my results continue to improve year after year. I am particularly impressed with Daryl's technical targets for the ASX 200. They tend to be quite accurate both upwards and down. This gives you a clear indication whether you should be long or short or on the sidelines. Please keep up the good work with the newsletter. Regards, Alex.



Metastock Formulas is proud to present their FREE Metastock Formula Database. Brought together by Daryl Guppy and independent traders from around the world. All of whom have worked with Metastock and produced these formulas for you. You can find the formula that will let you profit from the market. Click here to go to the Free Guppy Metastock Formula Database and other Metastock information!!



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