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We try to answer your email question or request fully within 24 hours*. You can help us to help you by selecting the appropriate option from the CONTACT US drop down menu for your question.

Amy,  Jennifer and Ryan handle support, newsletters, book orders and Guppy Trading Essentials course.

Dane handles trading workshop bookings and the Guppy Trading Essential Charting pack.

For technical questions about indicators in the Guppy Traders Essentials Charting pack, please email support.

Martin and Karen handle Metastock and support enquiries in Singapore.

Chen Jing is CEO of the Beijing office, China operations.


You can also fax questions to us at +61 (0)8 89270125, however, our email service is generally quicker. We do not include a telephone number on this website as we do not provide a 24 hour telephone support service.  We do provide a 24 hour*, rapid response, email support service.

*We check emails on weekends and holidays, but we choose to answer those we consider to be most urgent.


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