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We welcome your feedback, comments about the site and news of new web sites. Ask about reciprocal links.

We answer your email usually within 1 working day. Haven't got a reply?

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We use Bodhi GOLD to collect data from the web and import it quickly an easily into Metastock.  BodhiGold includes 20 years historical data and end of day for the full Australian market. End of day data for Singapore and Malaysia is also available. This also gives you access to a wide selection of other international markets - many at no additional cost.

The pages which follow show screen shot solutions for many common Metastock questions. They are my answers to these questions. Other solutions do exist. We invite readers to submit pages for inclusion in this section of the website. Send us email at with step by step screen shots of the way you go about creating Metastock screens, explorations or indicators. These are best sent in GIF format or as ZIP files.

Our objective is to build a series of reference pages available to all new, and not so new, users of Metastock. Follow the button links to the pages which interest you.

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A Comprehensive Guide that takes you Step by Step through a 2 day Trading Strategies workshop using MetaStock Software. This is excellent value and quality work.  $550  Click for details



Add-ons for Metastock are available which make it easier to sort folders by industry groups, construct sector wide values, such as advance/decline lines etc.

This Master Data site provides historical and current composite / breadth data files usable directly in MetaStock via MasterDATA's Composite Plug-in.

This MetaStockCSV Plug-in allows MetaStock to use data directly from a user's own comma delimited data files. Create you own Excel data files, and then use them directly with Metastock.


















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