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  • Most credit card details are 'lost' by the offshore companies the banks use to store your personal card details and passwords. They describe this as '1 million customer card details have been compromised."  This is the most significant source of card details used for fraudulent transactions. Numbers are very rarely stolen by snooping on net email traffic.  We give you four ways to complete your card transaction. Please choose the one you are most comfortable with.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION AND PRIVACY is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We do not store details of casual site visitors. We do not use cookies. We do keep written records  of those who purchase books or become newsletter readers. These are required for the delivery of the requested goods or services. These are stored as secure paper files. These details are not stored on-line. These records are not available to any third party. They are not sold, rented, leased or given to any other organisation. These details are not stored on any internet based server. All newsletter readers are contacted at the end of their trial, or pre-paid period with 1 advisory e-mail and a week later with 1 reminder e-mail. We do not spam site visitors. If you do not wish to receive followup newsletter mail please email us with the header REMOVE. From time to time you may be asked to participate in a survey to help us gain a better understanding of our users and their requirements. This will allow us to provide better services to you. This information will remain entirely confidential. Surveys are entirely optional. Any dissemination of user information is purely statistical, for example, "42% of subscribers live in Vic".
  • CREDIT CARD SECURITY AND THE INTERNET  - HOW WE WORK This site uses a credit card order system that directly links you, the customer, with us, the business. It is the electronic equivalent of the physical transaction when you hand your card over in a shop to be swiped through the card machine. It involves only you, and the shop assistant.
  • TRANSACTION STYLES WE PERSONALLY DO NOT USE WHEN WE GO INTERNET SHOPPING Many www sites insert a so-called secure ‘server’ in the middle of this transaction. Card details are stored, sometimes indefinitely, in a database on a computer owned by the Internet Service Provider. Unless the ‘server’ has specific protection there is a possibility that others can hack into the system and steal card numbers.  The developer of Norton AntiVirus software, Dr P Tippett noted that 'Encryption (because of the low number of credit cards being stolen by listening on the internet) advanced end-user password technologies, daily versus weekly antivirus updates, vulunerability patching, and bullet-proof firewall management technololgies were a waste of time based on the real risks faced by organisations. (Financial Review, April 23, 2002)   Storing card details on a  server is  the same as leaving your credit card number lying around, or giving your card number to the shop assistant who stores it on a card file labelled CREDIT CARD NUMBERS in the office filing cabinet. At the end of each day she makes a photocopy of the new transaction details and gives the copy to her boss who then completes the card transaction. Meanwhile the full card details sit in the office filing cabinet under CREDIT CARD NUMBERS - week after week after week ........      We do not use a ‘server’ to store any credit card transactions or details. You as a customer deal with us directly and nobody else has access to your details. The transaction is between you and us, and absolutely nobody else. You are mailed a receipt and cardholders copy for each order. Recent events have shown that the highest risk to secure information is posed by the servers used the banks to protect millions of credit card details. These are subject to frequent, and successful, attacks. Personally I have had a card cancelled by the bank while I was overseas because their secure server had been compromised to the tune of a million stolen credit card numbers!
  • CREDIT CARD RISK YOU MAY NOT HAVE CONSIDERED When your card is physically swiped when you go shopping, what happens to the second print-out copy? This has all your details on it and is stored in the checkout cash drawer. Then it is transferred to the back office, and then it is stored ..... where?   This is a major source of card details for credit card thieves. When you check into a hotel they take a card imprint. How do you check this is securely stored? Most times it is stored in an open box behind the front counter where details can be copied easily by hotel staff from the janitor up to the manager.
  • 1)      If you choose to send your credit card authorisation via the submit button then it comes addressed direct to  . It is extremely unlikely that this single message, one out of millions each day, will be selected and hacked by an outsider. The equivalent is sending a cheque through the mail and having the letter stolen by a postal employee on the offchance it might contain money.
  • 2)    If you choose to send your credit card authorisation via fax to 61 (0)8 89270125 then it comes direct to this office. This is as safe as sending an authorisation via a letter.
  • 3)    Alternatively, you can choose to send your credit card authorisation via a two part e-mail  addressed direct to The first part might include just the expiry date and the first 8 numbers of your card. The second part might include the last 8 numbers and your name. The message header, for instance "books" or ‘newsletter’ gives no clue to the content so it is extremely unlikely that this single message, one out of millions each day, will be selected and hacked by an outsider. The chances of both messages being intercepted and 'joined' is even more remote than sending a single e-mail containing all details.
  • 4)    If you choose to send your credit card authorisation via the postal service then it comes direct to this office. Letters are stored in the locked business Post Box. P.O. Box 40043, Casuarina, NT 0811, until collected. This reduces the chances of vandalism, poor delivery by the postman, and overflowing letterboxes exposed to public view.
  • ORDER PROCESSING PROCEDURES Each order is authorised by the Australian Card Clearing Authority and checked against the most up-to-date warning bulletin of stolen cards. Their rules specify the appropriate style of authorisation. Order authorisations sent via e-mail are processed as ‘phone’ orders because, unlike a fax, there is no supporting signature.  Fax orders sent by fax machine are treated as ‘mail’ authorisations because they include a signature. Faxes sent direct from your computer do not include a signature, and are treated as a ‘phone’ authorisation. A hard copy sent to us by mail is a ‘mail’ authorisation because it includes a signature.

  • YOUR CHOICE OF SECURITY The method of credit card payment is your choice. When received, your card and payment details are treated as confidential and are stored securely in printed form as required by the Australian Card Clearing Authority. They are not ever stored on a computer. Your peace of mind is important and we are as equally concerned to prevent credit card fraud. We obtain an authorisation number from the Australian Card Clearing Authority for all orders before being processed. This is further protection for you.

We hope this explains in full the way your transaction is processed. We try to provide the security standards we expect when we go Internet shopping and we think these are the same security standards that you are entitled to expect from us. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

We look forward to your order for any one of our services or books.

DOWNLOAD PROTECTION All downloads are virus screened with the latest edition of VET before we upload them to the ISP server. Once on the ISP server, they are virus screened again by the ISP provider.

We refund promptly:
*If the goods supplied are faulty or not as described. Ie a CD that doesn’t work.
*On a pro-rata basis any unused subscription period for the Guppy newsletter or Guppy Trading Essential course.
We do not refund:
*Where you have simply changed your mind about the goods
*Where goods have been damaged by inappropriate use
*When an item has been personalized by us, for you, in an autographed book. Ie “John, I wish you every success in trading, Daryl Guppy.”

Trading is the aggressive management of risk.

Consider our guide to detecting and learning about Internet scams. This includes suggestions for recognising and avoiding these scams.