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Summary outline

This is not a book about charting or technical analysis indicators as commonly understood in Australia. This book concentrates on an area that many Australian private traders have yet to explore. Thomsett looks closely at broader measures of market sentiment that bring together price, and statistics about price, and combine them with fundamental accounting based data.


Chapter outline

  • Introduction by Daryl Guppy

  • Cycles in Investing

  • Predicting Supply and Demand

  • The Dow Theory and how it works

  • The Dow Jones Averages

  • Charting basics

  • Trends and Averages in Technical Analysis

  • Valuable Indicators you can use

  • Sentiment Indicators

  • Technical Indicators and Risk

  • Combining Technical and Fundamental Analysis

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 Michael Thomsett: Mastering Technical Analysis

with introduction by Daryl Guppy



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