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Discover the Secret of Film Success

What This Year’s Sundance Film Festival Might Signal for the Markets

As Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival opens this weekend, there are already headlines calling it “The Most Shocking Film Festival Ever,?serving up “an even greater than usual quota of tabloid-worthy shocking sex and human misery?(Jan. 18, 2007, New York Post).

Accompanying these shocking scenes will undoubtedly be debates about why storyline, cinematography or character development is the most important aspect of a successful film.

Few film followers in Park City, Utah, and beyond will consider an even deeper reasoning around what makes a film successful or wonder why horror films come out in droves one decade and animated “feel good?films rule the roost the next.

However, new research shows that social mood trends are likely the leading factor in both box office busts and cinematic success.

In this three-minute video, you’ll discover what Disney’s Snow White has in common with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and how the success of both was tied to the financial markets.

This video is just a small portion of the entire documentary History's Hidden Engine by the Socionomics Institute.

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