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Prepared by Daryl Guppy, author of Share Trading, Trading Tactics, Bear Trading, Chart Trading,

Better Trading, Snapshot Trading, Trend Trading and 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders with contributions from specialist writers.
Around 16 to 23 pages of commentary and charting emailed every Friday evening


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We show you methods that work in current markets and we identify which methods are not appropriate for current markets. Pre-paid subscriptions are available monthly, six monthly, or yearly. With a minimum of 50 weekly issues a year readers had coverage of the following areas in the last twelve months:

The Novice:
Entry level trading strategies shown in real time with detailed  step by step  explanations and on going weekly reports on trade management while the sample trade is open.

The Advanced Trader:
Making better use of complex indicators. Explore the application of ADX, of RSI and the Shark 32 pattern in real time Australian markets. Examine the impact of new technical   indicators when applied to Australian markets.

Money Management:
We all make mistakes, so when the market bites, learn how to survive with money   management techniques like zero cost averaging, recovery trading strategies, and better ways to set and monitor stop loss points. Case study trades are monitored and managed in real time with weekly reporting so you learn how these techniques are applied. (Case study details)


We show you how to identify chart patterns, project price targets, construct point and figure charts accurately, and use support and resistance concepts with real time trading examples followed each week step by step from entry to exit.

Real Time Trading Systems Testing:
Ever wondered about black and grey box systems? We give you the opportunity to observe some of them in action by tracking their recommendations along with our comments about their recommended trades.

A Second Opinion:
We show you how to evaluate popular stock recommendations from magazines and brokerages by using charting and technical indicator methods.

Hints For Charting And Database Management:
We show you how to create an MACD histogram in Metastock and how to merge capital reconstructions, bonus issues and stock changes like TLSCA and TLS data into a single file.We provide regular search and analysis formulas for Metastock and Ezy Chart.

How do you turn an equity trading opportunity in a successful warrant trade? Learn how to identify, evaluate and trade these derivatives with real time examples. Some strategies are complex, while others are straightforward. We show you how to make the best use of  depth of market and Internet information.

Free spreadsheets:
When we use a spreadsheet in the newsletter for money management, for assessing   warrants, for arbitrage trades or for comparing trading strategies we provide it as a free Excel download  with the newsletter. There are up to 10 spreadsheets a year available to subscribers only.

Day Trading, Futures And Arbitrage Trading Strategies
We bring you intraday charts, specific styles of trading opportunities such as arbitrage, and show how the techniques can be applied to the SPI and other futures contracts. We show how these sophisticated techniques are applied to equity and rights trading.

Overseas Analysis To Uncover Leading Indicators For Australian Trading Action:
For eight weeks in 1998 the Nikkei had a more dramatic impact on ASX trading than the DOW. Our readers knew the impact and adjusted their trading strategies accordingly.                                                                         

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Comments from readers.

"Thank for your newsletter. I find it very informative about trading techniques. In fact I have managed to make 102% on my trading fund this last 5 months, which would not have happened without your newsletter or books. So thank you again, your efforts are truly appreciated. "

"Please sign me up again.The newsletter is incredible value for money and I would not dare be without it . Thank you for a brilliant service."

"I see that the newsletter is about reality, astute management. The novice is inclined to look for magic. As far as I know, few tutors are able to step into 'live fire' & come up with the goods."

"Really appreciated the way in which you & your co-writers tackled the stock market falls in recent newsletters. Quite impressive."

"I find the newsletter continually very interesting with succinct, practical charting tips and suggestions made relevant by the use of recent data from a range of local stocks both large cap and speculative."

"I am a keen reader of your books and consider your contingent approach  one of the most sensible in the marketplace. I am keenly learning the  skills of trading and get a great deal of value from your tutorials.   More than Your Money Weekly, Intelligent Investor, etc. "

"I have found that the Guppy Introductory Trading courses, the weekly newsletter, and the excellent books have been invaluable to me in developing as an investor and trader, starting from a very inexperienced base. The advice you provide is measured, sound and of continuing value" - Gary Kelly (ACN 089 941 560) Pty Ltd is not a licensed investment advisor. Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis, which is generally available to the public, falls under the ASIC Media Advice provisions. The analysis notes are based on our experience of applying technical analysis to the market and are designed to be used as a tutorial showing how technical analysis can be applied to a chart example based on recent trading data. The newsletter is a tool to assist you in your personal judgment. It is not designed to replace your Licensed Financial Consultant or your Stockbroker. It is been prepared without regard to any particular person's investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs because readers come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse objectives and financial situations. This information is of a general nature only so readers should seek advice from their broker or other investment advisors as appropriate before taking any action. The decision to trade and the method of trading is for the reader alone to decide. The author and publisher expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person, whether the purchase of this publication or not, in respect of anything and of the consequences of any thing done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance, whether whole or partial, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this publication. Neither Pty Limited nor its officers, employees and agents, will be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any person directly or indirectly as a result of reliance on the information contained in this publication. This is not a newsletter of stock tips. Case study trades are notional but analysed in real time on a weekly basis.


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