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  • THE INVESTORS' INTERNATIONAL BOOKSHELF: gives Australian readers access to investment books published overseas which would not normally be readily available in this country. No changes are made to the original text and series editor, Daryl Guppy, puts the book in an Australian context by a series of explanations contained in chapter annexes. The aim of these books is to enable Australian investors to learn about investment strategies and techniques that have been proved to be successful in other markets and could be used here.


  • EACH CHAPTER IS FOLLOWED BY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT: ie. Australian Margin Trading; Australian warrants; Australian Futures Trading; Australian Scams etc.

  • The Stock Market and the power of leverage

  • The Bond Market

  • Commodity and Financial Futures

  • Options

  • Options; Other Choices

  • Option Strategies

  • Rights and Warrants

  • A Note on Speculating Swindles

Selected excerpts from Gerald Krefetz, The Basics Of Speculating,

published under the Editorial Direction of Daryl Guppy.

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