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Daryl Guppy, trader and author

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The reading list of  280  books below is divided into groupings. New books are added regularly to the bottom of each section.  A = Must have trading books B = Very useful books about trading approaches and techniques C= Background market reading D = General market commentary  E = Bedside reading for dedicated followers of the market.   
The position of each book in its group, first or last, is not significant. Please use this list as a guide to your own reading, but remember, the categories reflect my beliefs about the market and my preferences for trading the market. We add to the bottom of each section list as new trading books are released. Read my reviews of each book, or add your own comments. Just follow the links from each book to the review pages. If you have a comment you want to make about a book, contact us and we will add it immediately. Use the EDIT and FIND menu on your browser to search for book titles on this page. We do not sell any books other than those written by Daryl Guppy.


Recent additions to the list in the last few weeks.

The A list - Must have books

a Share Trading Daryl Guppy
a Trading Tactics Daryl Guppy

a Bear Trading Daryl Guppy

a Chart Trading Daryl Guppy

a Better Trading, Daryl Guppy

a Snapshot Trading, Daryl Guppy

a Trend Trading, Daryl Guppy

a Trading Asian Shares  Daryl Guppy
a Trading for a Living Dr Alexander Elder

a Market Wizards Jack D Schwager
a New Market Wizards (The) Jack D Schwager
a Elements of Successful Trading (The) Robert P Rotella

a Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom Van K Tharp

aThe Stock Trader - How I make a Living Trading Stocks, Tony Oz

a Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Edwards and Magee
a Stocks and Commodities magazine
a Fortune magazine
a Financial Review

a Far Eastern Economic Review

a Active Trader

The B list - Very useful books about trading approaches and techniques

b How To Take Money From Wall Street, Tony Oz
b Active Investing, Alan Hull
b Beginners Guide to Trading Online, Toni Turner
b Dave Landry on Swing Trading, Dave Landry
b Stock Trading Wizard: Advanced Short Term Stategies for Swing & Day Traders, Tony Oz

bTools & Tactics for the Master Day Trader, Oliver Velez & Greg Capra
b Breaking the Black Box, M Pring
b The Art of Short Selling   Kathryn F. Staley
b The Disciplined Trader   Mark Douglas
b Options as a Strategic Investment Lawrence G McMillan
b Smarter Trading Perry Kaufman
b Technical Analysis from A to Z Steven Achelis
b Basics of Speculating Gerald Krefetz / Guppy
b Charting Made Easy Merril Armstrong
b Study Helps in Point and Figure Alexander Wheelan
b Point and Figure Charting Carroll Aby
b Schwager of Futures - Technical Analysis Jack Schwager
b Register of Australian Mining
b Modern Portfolio Management Ralph Vince

b Quantative Trading and Money management Fred Gehm

b Day Traders Advantage Howard Abell/ Guppy

b Buying and Selling Volatility  Kevin Connolly

b Rich Dad, Poor Dad  Robert Kiyosak, 

b Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager, Connors & Hayward,

b The Super Traders Alan Rubenfield

b Shares, Derivatives and Taxation - A guide for investors, traders and speculators. Tony Compton

b Trading to Win, Ari Kiev

b Secrets of the SOES Bandit  H Houtkin

b Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading, L Williams

bThe Trading Game  R Jones

b How I  Trade for a Living, Gary Smith

b The Secret of Writing Options, L Bedford

b The Edge of Chaos, B Cohen

b Getting Started in Technical Analysis, J Schwager

bThe Market Makers Edge, J Lukeman

b How I made $2,000,000 in The Stock Market, N Darvas, 

b Tools & Tactics for the Master Day Trader. Battle-tested techniques for Day, Swing & Position Traders, Oliver Velez & Greg Capra

b Stock Trading Wizard: Advanced Short Term Stategies for Swing & Day Traders, Tony Oz

b Dave Landry on Swing Trading, Dave Landry

b Tom Dorseys Trading Tips, T Doresy

b The Art of Trading 2nd edition, C Tate

bMetastock In A Nutshell, Simon Sherwood

b New Thinking In Technical Analysis, R Bensignor

b Trading Secrets, Louise Bedford

b De Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting, V De Villiers & O Taylor

bTrading the Plan, R Deel.

b The Guts and Glory of Day Trading, M Ingebretsen

b Professional Options Strategies for Private Traders, N Katiforis

b Jesse Livermore - Worlds Greatest Stock Trader, R Smitten

b Rule The Freakin' Markets, M Parness

b Come into my Trading Room, A Elder

b Mastering Risk, M Lally

b Float Analysis, S Woods

b Getting Started in Technical Analysis, J Schwager

b Trading Chaos,  B Williams

b Options: A complete guide for Australian investors and traders (Updated), G Bower

b Market Panic, S Vines, 7/3/2003

b The Market Is Always Right, T McCafferty,

b The Ultimate Technical Trading Software, P Leo & P Temple

b The Options Course, G Fontanills

b Its When You Sell That Counts , D Cassidy

b Top Stocks 2004, M Roth  

b Stock Traders Almanac 2004, Y Hirsch,

b The Next Step to Share Trading Success by L Wilson

b The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets,  B Mandelbrot

b CNBC Creating Wealth, B O'Connell,

b Trading Secrets 2nd edition L Bedford

b FX Trading, A Douglas

The C list - Background market reading

c Point and Figure Charting, Second Edition, Thomas Dorsey
Encyclopaedia of Chart Patterns, Thomas Bulkowski
c What I learned losing a Million Dollars Jim Paul
c Analyzing Bar Charts For Profits John Magee
c Prnciples of Professional Speculation Victor Sperandeo
c Against the Gods Peter L Bernstein
c Fortune Sellers (The) William A Sherden
c JapaneseCandlestick Charting Techniques Steve Nison
c New Commodity Trading Systems and Methods (The) Perry J Kaufman
c Point & Figure Charting Thomas J Dorsey
c Trading Chaos Bill Williams
c Candlestick Charting Explained Greg Morris
c The Intuitive Trader Robert Koppel
c Timing the Market Curtis Arnold
c Fast Money Edna Carew
c Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master Victor Sperandeo
c Way for the Warrior Trader Richard McCall
c Powershift Alvin Toffler
c Speculating on the Australian Share market William Harper
c Schwager on Future - fundamental analysis Jack Schwager
c Compleat day Trader Jake Berstein
c Trading Stock Options and Warrants Chris Temby
c Understanding OptionsTrading in Australia Christopher Tate
c Listen to the Market Ivan Krastins
c Money Masters John Train
c Understanding the Stock Exchange Nick Renton, New edition
c Australian Investors Guide to Charting Regina Meani

c The Mind of a Trader  Alpesh Patel

c Understanding Futures Trading in Australia, Chris Tate

c Technical Analysis for Trading Index Warrants

c The Australian Dividend Handbook 1998-99, Mick Kenny

c The Mining Valuation Handbook, Victor Rudenno

c The Internet for Investing and Personal Finance, Martin Roth

c How to Handle a Bear Market, William Harper,

c Maximum Adverse Excursion, John Sweeney

c Taming the Bear C Tate

c Electronic Day Trading Friedfertig & West

c How to get started in Electronic Day Trading, D Nassar

c The Way to Trade, J Piper

c The Vest pocket guide to Stock Brokerage Math. William Rini

c Capital Market Revolution P Young & T Theys

c Inventing Money, D Nicholas

c Financial Review Shareholder

c The Strategic Electronic Day Trader, R Deel

c Investing in Small Cap Stocks, C Graja & E Ungar

c Real People; Real Traders, Adrienne Toghraie & M Ruggiero

c The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading, J Hayden

c A million a Minute, H Davis

c The Secret of Candlestick Charting, L Bedford   

c CNBC 24/7 Trading, Rockefeller 

cTrading in the Zone, M Douglas

c Beginners Guide to Trading Online, Toni Turner

c The Best Trading Markets.Com Conversations With Top Traders K Marder and M Dupee

c Moving Averages Simplified, C Droke

c Trading In A Nutshell, S McPhee

c Technical Charting for Profits, Larson,

cSeven Chart Patterns That Consistently make Money E Downs

c If Its Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks, P Navarro

c Margin Lending Explained, P & J Martin,

c Use The News, M Bartiromo

c Every-day Traders, N Radge,

c Leverage Your Investment Ideas With Warrants, L Laveau

c Options in a Nutshell, B Booth, 

c The Psychology of Trading, B Steenbarger

c The Logical Trader, Mark Fisher

c Contracts For Difference, C Davey,

c The Vital Few vs The Trivial Many, G Muzea,

c Yes, You Can Time The Market, B Stein & P DeMuth

c The Right Stock At The Right Time, L Williams

c Swing Trading, J Markman,

c The Trading Athlete, S Murphy & M Hirschhorn

c The Best, by K Marder and Marc Dupee

c Exploding the Myths: what your broker doesn't know or won't tell you  by Frank Watkins

 c The Atkinson-Guppy Articles e book by J Atkinson

c Trade Like Jessie Livermore, R Smitten

c Trading against the crowd, A Summa

 c Trade like a hedge fund, J Altucher

The D list - General market commentary

d Alchemy of Finance (The) George Soros
d Beyond Candlesticks Steve Nison
d Extraordinary Popular Delusions, etc Charles Mackay
d New Science of Technical Analysis (The) Thomas R Demark
d Intermarket Technical Analysis John Murphy
d Investment in South East Asia Davidson & Ciambella
d Accounting for non-accountants Philip Stanley
d How to buy shares cheap and make big profits Christopher Tate
d Accounting Jungle Bill Jamieson
d Intelligent Investors guide to Share Buying Tim Hewat
d How the Stock Market Really Works Martin Roth
d The Crowd Gustave Le Bon
d Winner Take All William Gallacher
d Investment Biker Jim Rogers
d Winning the Investment Game James Gipson
d Richest Man in Babylon George Clason
d Sensible Share Investing Austin Donnelly
d Battle for Investment Survival Gerald Loeb
d Blueprint for Investment Richard Fitzherbert
d Analysing Company Accounts Martin Roth
d Collapse of Chaos Cohen & Stewart

d FIASCO - Blood in the water on Wall Street Frank Partnoy

d Buffetology Mary Buffet & David Clark

d Rubles to Dollars, Alexander Elder

d Risk Reward, H Abell

d The First Time Investor, D Harrison

d Patterns in the Dark, E Peters

dThe Inefficient Stock Market,  R Haugen   

d Money Greed and Risk, C Morris

dThe Great Wave, D Fischer,

d The Buffettology Workbook, M Buffet & D Clark

d Trends and Tripwires, B Wormald,

d Let The Trade Winds Flow, H Stanton

dThe Bear Book, Rothchild

dThe Long Term Day Trader, M Sincere & D Wagner

dMagic Numbers, P Temple

d The Share Traders Handbook, J Berg

d Sniper Trading, G Angell

d Successful Share Buying, C Beelaerts & K Forde

d Bull, Bears, & Brains, A Leitzes and J Solan,

d Magee System of Technical Analysis, J Magee

d Wealth of Experience, R Bowerman & J Duffield 

d Top Stocks,  M Roth

d Huntley's Sharemarket Handbook,

d The Australian Investors Dictionary, R Harrison

d Taking Stock, G Bullock

d Sun Tzu On Investing, C Montgomery 

d Practical Speculation, V Niederhoffer & L Kenner,

d Shares in a Nutshell, D Connelly

d Investing With the Professionals, S & W Cornish

d Women Talking Money, L Falkiner-Rose

d Masters of the Market ,  Hughes, Wilson & Kidman 

dGuide to Understanding Money and Investing in Asia ?K Morris, A Siegel, B Larson

d How to Beat The managed Funds by 20% by Dale Gillham

d International Financial Management by Jeff Madura

d A Mathematician Plays the Market by John  Paulos

d The Bell Does Ring, P Novak-Reich

d Small Company Top Stocks, M Roth

d Trade Like Warren Buffet, J Altucherd


The E list - Bedside reading for dedicated followers of the market.
e The Power of Gold  P Bernstein

e Where are the Customers' Yachts? Fred Schwed, Jr
e Women of the Street Sue Herera
e The Warren Buffet Way Robert Hagstrom
e Going for Broke Judith Rawnsley
e Rogue Trader Nick Leeson
e Internet for Investors Martin Roth
e Liars Poker Michael Lewis
e Collapse of Barings Stephen Fay
e Soros on Soros George Soros
e Contrary Investing for the 90's Richard Band
e Musashi Eiji Yoshikawa
e When to sell Stocks and Pin Down profits Cobleigh & DeAngelis
e Traders Tales Ron Insana
e Official History, Blue Sky Mines Trevor Sykes
e Trading Secrets Foster Winans
e Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Edwin LeFevre
e A Random Walk Down Wall Street Burton Malkiel

e Seeing Tomorrow - Rewriting the Rules of Risk. R Dembo & A Freeman

e Scams and Swindles,  Bruce Brown

e The Tao of Trading, Robert Koppel

e The Millionaire Next Door, T Stanley & W Danko

e Ultimate Risk, Adam Raphael

e The Crisis of Global Capitalism, George Soros

e The Predictors, T Bass

e Tulipomania, M Dash

e The Moneymaker, J Gleeson

e The Essays of Warren Buffett, L Cunningham

e World of Risk, M Daniell

e Bre-X; The inside story of the worlds biggest mining scam, J Wells

e Damn Right, J Lowe  

e Goldman Sachs - The culture of success, L Endlich

e The Art of the Market, Tamarkin & Krantz 

eMoney makes the World go Round, Garson

eLicence to Steal, Harper,

e Investment Madness, J Nofsinger

e Rich Kids, P Barry

eShort Term Trading, Long Term Profits, J Leizman

eMoney & Power, H Means

eTrading, Sex and Dying - The Heart of a Gambler, J Anderson

e Investing; The Last Liberal Art, R Hagstrom

eInformation Markets - What Business Can learn From Financial Innovation, W Wilhelm & J Downing

e Enron: The Rise and Fall, L Fox,

e Markets, Mobs & Mayhem, R Menschel,

e Wheels of Fortune, C Geisst,

e Understanding Investments,  C Beelearts & K Forde

e The Making Of An American Capitalist, Roger Lowenstein,

e Super Safe Investing in Syndicates and Listed Property Trusts, T Hewat

e The Stock Market Survival Guide, W Harper

e The New Art Of Investment, B Dunstan,

e Apocalypse Roulette, R Thomson

e Fake by David Bullen

e Irrational Exuberance by Robert Shiller

e Other Peoples Money by Andrew Main

e Adventure Capitalist Jim Rogers

e Mean Markets and Lizard Brains, T Burnham,

e Active retirement, A Hull

e The artful stock picker, P Hegarty
This list is a personal guide. It is not a recommendation, so please do not take me to task for the rankings.

We are in danger of believing that the speed of our gadgets has freed us from the sometimes arduous work of turning pages in silence.


The Educated Investor bookshop offers a good range of investment and trading books.

Traders' Library  is the best US site for ordering trading books. Their service is good, their range excellent and they also stock some hard to get classics.

Go direct to the publisher, Wrightbooks, for the very best Australian trading, investment and market books.

Other Australian trading and investment books, magazines and newsletters are available from Moneybags.

West Australians now can find a full range of charting, technical analysis and market books at Dymocks Wesley Centre Store. They handle special orders and mail orders.

Dymocks Australia now have a web site and a range of trading books can be ordered direct by mail.

Details of other international book suppliers.