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Ticker information supplied by Sanford Securities

Elite Forex Trading - A unique boutique internet based electronic brokerage. Cutting Edge robotic systems, combined with an Elite Team of Forex Dealers offering forex managed accounts, forex trade signals, and self-traded forex accounts.

Bullseye Top Trader Thinking is an excellent book. The supporting web site also offers insights into the way traders think. It also has some good resources on futures contacts, margins  and other information.

Explore the Guppy Traders Essentials Charting package.

CFDs Forex and Options Trading Online with

Online Forex Trading - Find out how to gamble on foreign exchange. The most intelligible articles on Forex: forex broker, forex trader, forex chars, technical analysis basics, forex trading system guide, forex capital market overview, forex forecasting and forex trends.

Online Forex Broker provides information on Foreign Exchange Trading, as well as information about Forex and Online Forex currency trading

Bodhi GOLD is software that enables you to collect data from the web and import it quickly an easily into Metastock, Ezy Charts and other charting programs.  BodhiGold includes 20 years historical data and end of day for the full Australian market. End of day data for Singapore and Malaysia is also available. This also gives you access to a wide selection of other international markets - many at no additional cost.

Online Futures Trading. Commodity brokers doing online future trading and commodity
trading at discount commission rates. Be your own commodity broker or online broker and do all of the online trading yourself.

An introduction to Forex trading, including articles, tips and techniques is available from and

Forex Rate provides daily currency trading news via an rss news feed,forex forum message boards, live forex charts, free forex historical data downloads plus online Forex Trading information and Forex Trading Demo accounts.

Live Charts UK provides free real time trading charts for Indices, Stocks, Forex, Oil and Gold.

NYSE Stocks provide free real time stock market charts, tools for day trading stocks and useful information about online stock trading

ManusRisco  has practical and easy to use money management software using proven business models designed to manage your trading just like a successful business. This creates a professional business structure, which enables you to make educated, confident and profitable trading decisions. Software is designed for day traders and over night or long term traders.

The OzSuper site aims to provide traders with detailed information ands research on the Australian market. This is a new and developing site.

This FX site, Foxforex, provides a wide range of trading system details and assessment. A useful resource.

Internet data providers include Netquote. Data is emailed around 4.45 pm each day and a second download at 8 pm which includes the late trades and adjustments. They also provide Downloader software. They also provide a real time live professional software which can be used on a  free trial. Now updates Metastock databases automatically.

End of day data for Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc available.

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CFD and Forex trading methods and services are discussed at Fairlot. Includes Forex charting capacity.

ACM is a Swiss online forex trading company offering 3 pip spreads on main currency pairs. ACM offers a fluid real-time trading price feed on all major currencies, graphs, analysis and news.

See a visual display of depth of market and value as shown in Trading Tactics. This is useful in confirming support and resistance points.

The Stock Market Log Book provides a useful planning guide for investors and traders.

Hills Capital Management provides services customized for novice and experienced traders: free live charts and quotes, and on-line trading via the most advanced Internet Trading Platform available. The service provides traders with the tools and training to comfortably incorporate futures and options trading into their current investment portfolio.

Data available for European markets, MSCI indexes and others from Bullbear. Historical data also available.

Add-ons for Metastock are available which make it easier to sort folders by industry groups, construct sector wide values, such as advance/decline lines etc.

Get rid of expired warrants etc with this cleanup utility. Also available utility for grouping ASX stocks into sector groups for Metastock users.

The MarketCast data service can now be received in New Zealand via satellite transmission. The company will supply a satellite decoder and a MarketCast decoder, fully enabled to receive the MarketCast signal. Set up fees and details of subscriber costs are outlined on 

Forex Trading International is an Australian owned and registered foreign currency trading company.

For Australian ASX and SFE price data, along with overseas data, talk to Bodhi FreeewayAlmax or Paritech .

GBST Online gives online entry into Australia's largest electronic trading network. SharesLive  allows you to trade securely over the Internet. You can access live and historical market information, place orders, track your order status, view your contract notes and statements, manage your portfolio, view your brokers' research, setup watch lists, view indices and market information, contact your broker online and much more.
GBST Online gives you the choice of trading with seven different brokers. They are a network to leading online brokers

Collect details of all listed warrants, including volatility and delta values. This is updated weekly and is similar to the old ANZ warrant sheet. Best downloaded as a PDF file by right clicking on the link. Use the same procedures as you use in collecting the newsletter.

Derivatives traders will find Applied Derivative Trading magazine useful for keeping up to date with US trends. FUTURES magazine also provides good specialised coverage of the US markets.

Resources for Foreign Exchange markets are here, along with other futures markets. Includes some articles by traders.

This is a good collection of NZ investment and market information. This includes funds management and market data.

Currency trading strategies from a New Zealand perspective. Remember, this is the first major market to open after the US.

Details of warrant issues and conditions, including barrier warrant identification, are available here. This can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. This is a difficult task.

Futures, currency and interbank rate market data delivered almost anywhere in Australia via pager is available from MarketSource. This will also include overseas markets. Consider a general overview of the service.This pager screen also displays bar and point and figure charts. Can also be used to update a full size computer screen with 5 minutes tick charts.

Live ASX and SFE data without Internet costs. This data rides on the SBS TV signal and is converted on your computer screen. Good charting - bar, line, candlesticks, P&F, stochastics, Bollinger bands etc. Supports multiple chart windows on different stocks. Has real time analysis functions for fast movers, %gain, price gain, volume etc. Incudes a watch page. This is a very good service for those who do not want to be tied to a broker for their live data. Ideal if  you have an older spare computer. (The children will eventaully understand why you want their 'games' computer back.

End of day data on all SFE contracts, and other Commodity and equity markets. Updated at 8.15 and 4.45. More useful than Yahoo. This Atlas Commodities Network site is new, and still under development.

PNN radio provides an excellent financial coverage as well as an updated www page that gives text information without graphics. This makes for fast downloading. This is useful comment including spot prices for currencies and commodities.

For real time snapshot ASX prices with full depth of market, days high and low, current volume, bid and ask, course of trades and live intra-day charts, go to Parklane. ASX data, including the G signal giving latest company notices to the Australian Stock Exchange is available from Stockwatch .

For data and company information, brokers on the net and a new chat group covering technical analysis and Metastock go to Paritech. This now also includes charting and price data support for Macintosh Trendsetter software.

The Financial Industry Network along with the Stockmarket Page collection both provide an excellent starting point for Australian traders and investors. The Australian Investment Links site includes updated brokerage comments, commentary, and delayed market information. ASX quotes combine this with realtime news.

Successful traders do not rent their winnings from the market.