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Here is an excellent resource of information for those interested in the biotechnology area. Includes company information and background.

Company reports for Australian and many international companies are now available. This has useful information, but not all of it is free.

Traders interested in Self Managed Superannuation Funds will find useful information on this site.

InfoMine is a comprehensive source of information of Australian mining companies.

Lost a company? Want details of delisted Australian companies for tax purposes? This site provides full information, including the documentation required by accountants to realise a tax loss on a delisted company.

Here is coverage of the Australian mining sector, including company reports, news and developments.

This software package provides up to date information about listed Australian company details. A good research tool.

GOLDSHEET Mining Directory, a comprehensive worldwide resource for mining related links. Features companies, newsletters, mutual funds and many other useful sites for the mining investor, over 950 company pages.

Coinsheet Numismatic Directory. Links and desciptions for over 1500 coin and currency sites. Includes Forex trading.

Fundamental Analysis techniques and data available from Aspect Equity Review

What are brokers thinking about your company? Inside Trader brings together a regular survey of brokers recommendations. It includes the 30 stocks recommended by brokers as the best investment opportunities. This is a good way to short cut data base searches for opportunities.

We now provide information about upcoming floats and IPO's in conjunction with Floatnews. Useful for getting ahead of the competition.

What stock is in what index? This site gives you this information. Click the Index View link and then the Index you are interested in. A securities in Index link is available from there.

AFSD is a financial services directory link site with 36 financial categories.

Check the unofficial Australia IT Index performance. Also lists all IT stocks on the ASX. (Site is slow to load)

Track Index and Index performance during the day. This is a useful guide to sector performance.

The Mining Valuation Handbook by Dr Victor Rudenno is a excellent guide to the valuation techniques employed by resource industry specialists and the sharemarket analysts who follow the sector. This is fundamental analysis at its best in this sector. He also has additional updated information.

Company reports for Australia and many Asean countries are now available. This includes free media releases.

PNN radio provides an excellent financial coverage as well as an updated www page that gives text information without graphics. This makes for fast downloading. This is useful comment including spot prices for currencies and commodities.

ASX data, including the G signal giving latest company notices to the Australian Stock Exchange is available from Stockwatch .

The Financial Industry Network along with the Stockmarket Page collection both provide an excellent starting point for Australian traders and investors. The Australian Investment Links site includes updated brokerage comments, commentary, and delayed market information.

For Australian resources information try Mining and Exploration or get closer to some speculative mining startups like Thunderbolt Resources. Access a current list of other Australian companies with a www site, including non-resource ASX listings.

Try to learn from your mistakes in the market. After all, you paid for them.