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Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks (Mffais) shows you which and how many mutual funds sold shares in a specific company.

Trading in Options & Futures - Informative Articles About Trading Options & Futures

Online Futures Trading. Commodity brokers doing online future trading and commodity
trading at discount commission rates. Be your own commodity broker or online broker and do all of the online trading yourself.

This library site includes a wide selection of books on European trading. Also includes many books in Italian. It is linked to a commentary site that includes articles in both English and Italian. is an  information site for professional traders, money managers and active investors.  Every day the site gives access to the insights of 26 professional traders and money mangers.

This forexch site provides a wide range of links to many aspects of forex trading. This includes charting, trading information and other resources. This site has many articles and resources about forex compiled into an easy-to-navigate website.

This Contracts For Difference site provides an excellent background of this trading instrument.

This site is a good introduction to financial spread betting and its use as  a trading instrument.

This options trading site is non-profit. It just provides information on options to the public.

Turkish Stock Exchange. This downloader is an fully automated, end-of-day and historical Quotes. Downloader, which downloads stock exchange data from the official Internet  site of Istanbul Stock Exchange, by just a push of a button. The quotes can be stored in MetaStock in 3 major foreign currencies;  namely YTL(Turkish currency), EURO and USD.

Forex Rate provides daily currency trading news via an rss news feed,forex forum message boards, live forex charts, free forex historical data downloads plus online Forex Trading information and Forex Trading Demo accounts.

Live Charts UK provides free real time trading charts for Indices, Stocks, Forex, Oil and Gold.

NYSE Stocks provide free real time stock market charts, tools for day trading stocks and useful information about online stock trading.

Penny Stocks Guide This site provides information about US penny stocks and helps you to learn how to make good trading choices.

This is a good  collection of Forex trading sites, providing a variety of ways to explore these markets.

TradeLog completely automates your stock and options trade and tax accounting. Import an unlimited number of trades from online and direct access brokerages. Properly match trades, including short sales, calculate gains and losses and wash sales and attach to your schedule d. GTT TradeLog is the only software for mark-to-market accounting.

The Philippine CorpEcon Data Services site offers The Directory of Officers in the Philippine Business Community, The Top 20 Shareholders of Listed Companies and Their Foreign Ownership and Annual Reports and Prospectuses in pdf Files.

Mutual Funds & 401K Rollover Investing. Our specialty is giving retirement investment advice to investors.

Comprehensive investment news and resource portal pertaining to gold mining stocks and the gold market. This includes Australian, South African and US markets and company details.

The Shrewd Investing site provides Stock Research and Investor Education Centre with free stock picks and investment tips for day traders, investors and those interested in learning more about investing in the NASDAQ, AMEX or the NYSE.

Oanda provides a comprehensive Forex information and trading link. This is a useful site if  you are interested in trading currencies, or participating in a  teaching demo.

AlaronFX offers 24-hour, COMMISSION FREE Forex trading at Interbank spreads. AlaronFX offers real-time quotes, news, research, charts, online spotfx, fx-options, cash metals and

This site provides an intraday charting summary of most major world markets and commodities. Also many other resources for traders. - For the Active Trader Looking to Increase their trading profitability. Many resources including live trade alerts.


Signup for the Realtick Demo, provided by Trade Pro Online Trading

This US swing trading service provides suggested entry, exit and stop prices. It is a good example of swing trading techniques.

The WallStraits site is an investor site for Malaysia and Singapore. Focus is on Buffet style investing. Includes  useful links for traders.

Hills Capital Management provides services customized for novice and experienced traders: free live charts and quotes, and on-line trading via the most advanced Internet Trading Platform available. The service provides traders with the tools and training to comfortably incorporate futures and options trading into their current investment portfolio.

Stocksrally provides an interesting perspective on US markets. This looks at short term strategies for NYSE and NASDAQ.

One Shot - One Kill Trading provides a FREE NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 index trading newsletter, tips, tactics, market calls, trading services, books, and trader education. Trading methodology is that used by hedge fund manager John Netto.

TradePro offers direct access day trading using the RealTick trading platform. They cover equity, options and futures. 

ACM is a Swiss online forex trading company offering 3 pip spreads on main currency pairs. ACM offers a fluid real-time trading price feed on all major currencies, graphs, analysis and news.

CFD and Forex trading methods and services are discussed at Fairlot. Includes Forex charting capacity.

Commodity traders will find the Commonsense Commodities site a useful source of contract and trading information.

Greg Morris, Candlestick charting expert ,and John Murphy, world class technical analyst have combined their skills in an excellent resource site at MurphyMorris.

Crosstrading is now possible between Australia and Singapore directly via your broker. has been actively involved in both markets.

Data available for European markets, MSCI indexes and others from Bullbear. Historical data also available.

Explore some interesting approaches to commodity trading.

Visit the Technical Analysts Society of Hong Kong web site.

The Singapore Society of Remisiers provides professional contacts for traders and dealers.

Links to the home pages of 245 stock and commodity exchanges world wide.

This site provides coverage of the Spanish market and has a special section about Telefonica's futures.

This is  India's commodity B2B and trading portal. This site is developed by commodity experts, including top Indian agricultural scientists and contains useful market information..

The SpeedResearch Browser is a  collection of active stock data links and research browsing wizards that will save you hours researching your stocks online. It's customizable for any market and easy to learn. Build multiple portfolios linked to hundreds of web sites or directly to charts, after-hours data, real-time quotes, message boards, news, financials and more.

U.S. stock trades for active day traders located outside the U.S.with Direct Access executions, NASDAQ Level II, more..

US end of day data, intra day and daily summary quotes are available from Stock Data Corp. The international edition of  Market Trading Tactics  uses this data.

Robert Deel, author of the Strategic Electronic Day Trader,  provides additional day trading information as well as material on trading methods.

Follow up more detail on Martin Prings work in trend and momentum analysis.

Fireflytrading provides some direct trading links and processes for US markets. These are available to international customers and may suit those who wish to trade the US direct.

This US site, offers a very useful education package with levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. A very useful link into US markets, training and behaviour.

UK end of day data is available from Winrow Marketing. Contact David Winrow Marketing, PO Box 9, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 7TP, England. Tel +44(0) 1606 41241 Fax +44(0) 1606 47847. E-mail address is The international edition of  Market Trading Tactics uses this data.

This MILLENNIUM-TRADERS.COM website provides a variety of subscription based services for the professional day trader and short term investor. Featured service is their Live Day Trading Chat Room for Stocks; Forex Trading and Futures Trading chat rooms also available.  Additionally, a Weekly Swing Trading stock picks service with superior performance.

Live SES and KLSE  prices in an existing new format that puts a resizable window on your screen that stays there while you surf the net for other sites.

New Zealand company information, internet trading and market analysis.

Use this site as an introduction to Latin American markets.

View US stock charts with indicators in intra-day and end of day. Also includes other exchange related information, news, SEC filings, insider sales reports and fundamental ratios.

Try your hand at Forex trading. Realtime data with simulated trading. These are practice trading accounts.

Futures  traders can  now build continuous contracts based on a choice of several construction methods for any market. This gives a flexibility that has not been possible in the past.

This is a good collection of NZ investment and market information. This includes funds management and market data.

Currency trading strategies from a New Zealand perspective. Remember, this is the first major market to open after the US. These strategies are useful for many Forex daily and short term trades.

Investigate some day trading strategies in real time for the DOW. This is updated every day. This is a very useful guide to the techniques required for day trading.

Japanese financial statements for most listed Japanese companies. These are translated directly into English, and some sections available on Excel worksheets.

L-Quay futures provides up to date information for Australian futures traders. This includes expanding on-line content and trading support.

Explore the makeup of the Dow Jones Indexes - how they are created and maintained.

Futuresweb offers real time paper trading for those who want to experiment with the futures market. Also includes online trading and resources.

List of live international markets showing all major indexes. Text screen only.

Visit this Javascript webpage form which calculates option prices based on the Black-Scholes model. It can be freely viewed and downloaded.

Full chart details of currency contracts, including the Euro. These are live charts on all contracts.

Nikkei live data available. This is a text screen - no charts - updated every 3 minutes.

Live intraday DOW charts now available.

Dohmen Capital provides details of US stock trading for all stocks. Company profiles include year high, year low, EPS and other fundamental data. Free quotes are available, but other material including includes market commentaries and newsletters are on a trial basis.

The Successful Methodical Online Traders Accessing Speculative Sites page has useful US commodity and trading links.

US futures and commodities price data, along with real time futures market commentary, including TV clips, and some free charting software modules are available from this US broker. Live real-time US stock quotes for those who cannot sleep are available free.

Watch the Gold, and other precious metal prices in real time in Chicago, London and Hong Kong or look at a 10 minute live tick chart showing the last three days of spot gold trading across the world's metal markets.

Get the DOW and NASDAQ close before the ASX open, including Saturday mornings. US market updates, delayed US quotes. Browse a full list of international market reports to give you an edge on Asian market closes that impact on our market. Check the latest currency trading. Fortune magazine provides US business research and economy commentary. Get details of contracts, current charts, managed trading and futures markets at this Futures site.

Collect KLSE information, including charts and other financial information from Malaysia. The Phillip's On-Line Electronic Mart System, POEMS, gives real time information including trading order status and live intraday charts for KLSE traders.

Technical Tools and Unfair Advantage data from CSI is now available via QBL. Both services give end of day updates on international commodities via the internet.

For comparison with our weekly newsletter try a free trial of a similar US newsletter service dealing with technical analysis of US stocks.

Most traders take a good system and destroy it by trying to make it into a perfect system.