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Take a look at my personal list of trading rules for survival.


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Real time FX analysis, 24-hrs a day


Want to learn more about the CANSLIM principle? This CANSLIM web site has some interesting information and discussion groups.

The Contrarian Investing Association looks for strongly financed companies that are undervalued by the market for the wrong reasons, believing the market will come to appreciate their true value over time.  This investing approach can also be described as contrarian, since such stocks are purchased when most investors believe they are unattractive.

At, you can find a Stock Trading System and investment strategy that is simple and easy to follow. It provides proven systems that have performed very will for the past 7 years: over 100% every year!

Would you like to know more about Financial Spread Betting? Interested to know what it is? Visit Spread Bet Guide to find out more. This is an extensive UK site covering basic and advanced features of spread betting, binaries, cfds and all other types of tax free financial market speculation.

Scan for trendlines and search for stocks that are touching trendlines. This program from Ramp works with Metastock data formats.

This site has some very interesting studies and explanations of new trading theories.

Elliott Wave analysis updated daily from Prechter.


ChartFilter is a free technical analysis & education site. The ChartFilter screener allows the investor to search for stocks using Technical and Fundamental criteria. ChartFilter's free Newsletter takes popular technical indicators against historical stocks and walks the investor through the analysis.

This is an updated and full collection of the full and genuine   rules used by the turtle traders. This is a comprehensive and free site.

This trading advantage site concentrates on trading systems for Metastock. It includes some free Metastock formulas and details of other trading systems. Carries useful information about trading systems and system development.

Take a look at  Quantal Theory which is a new approach to market analysis.  Includes a newsletter.

This US swing trading service provides suggested entry, exit and stop prices. It is a good example of swing trading techniques.

Follow options and candlestick trading strategies with Louise Bedford, author of The Secret of Candlestick Charting.

Browse some interesting Metastock plugins and other system and money management tools.

The Incredible Charts website offers good online charting and many useful reference resources on indicators and trading topics.

One Shot - One Kill Trading provides a FREE Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 index trading newsletter, tips, tactics, market calls, trading services, books, and trader education. Trading methodology is that used by hedge fund manager John Netto.

Chuck Le Beau offers systems based traders and developers access to a wide range of material. This is a good starting point for those interested in developing and testing their own systems.

Channel Challenges for Technical Analysts, this specialist site provides insights into channel trading techniques, particularly the Raff Regression Channel. Includes Metastock formulas for implementing strategies.

Black box systems can be a problem. Please consider the current ASIC warnings.

Browse Elliott Wave information and commentary from Robert Precter. This is a very useful education site.

Explore some money management software ideas for traders. This site lists a number of new ways to consider the vital aspect of trading. The software is available on a trial basis, but it is very expensive.

Take a look at an equity trading game simulation game. It is a good training exercise that doesn't cost cash.

Really play the futures market with this demo using a realistic trading environment. This is a useful training tool that gives you the opportunity to trade Comex Gold, Cattle, S&P futures and T-Bonds. It uses 15 years of historical news and  prices so you are trading 'real' markets.

Interested in  Walter Bresserts' work with cycles? Talk to users and explore SuperCharts indicators. Search for ProfitTrader

Elliott wave traders will find additional information about Advanced GET software.

New Gann information now available. Site includes chapter extracts from orginal work.

Investigate Gann swing charts available with HotTrader.

Consider information of Elliott Wave theory and its application to forecasting Australian stocks.

Investigate some day trading strategies in real time for the DOW. This is updated every day.This is a very useful guide to the techniques required for day trading.

Some useful additional information for Gann traders and those interested in learning more about practical applications of Gann trading techniques and analysis. Site includes links to other Gann trading sites.

Welles Wilder developed RSI and ADX indicators and Volatility trading systems. His most recent work he calls the Delta Phenomenon. Now he is revealing some details of this trading approach.

Fibonacci analysis takes a new turn with  DiNapoli Levels. This applies new techniques to practical applications of Fibonacci to trading situations.

Options traders with Excel will find the Option Wizard demo very useful.

Useful information on chart patterns and indicators. Includes some trading rules. A useful reference site for US trading. Much of the site is subscription based.

Point and figure is a useful technique. This shareware DOS module reads most data formats easily and gives you an opportunity to compare different plot approaches.

Using depth of market is a tape reading skill applicable to all markets. For some additional insights read the material on this French traders home page. It deals with the Bourse, but the comments are applicable in all markets.

Float analysis is based on comparing volume turnover with the total number of shares available for trading - the 'float'. The technique can be programmed for Super Charts and Tradestation. Metastock and Ezy Chart users have to apply the approach manually.

Information about Gann trading approaches is available here, including courses, historical charts, and other materials in their original form.

Elliott Wave approaches are rely on wave analysis. Specific charting software has been developed for this, and this site gives one intrepretation of ways to apply Elliott Wave analysis.

The Turtle Traders - the legendary group of traders taught by Richard Dennis - include background information about this systems approach. TradeStation solutions and some free software is available.

Fibonacci Trading information compiled by "A New market Wizard," US trader, Robert Krausz includes two end of day Gann based swing plans for traders.

US trader Larry Williams, author of How I made a Million Dollars ... Last year ..... Trading Commodities, delivers market commentary and some details of techniques.

I like information - what I don't like is having to do something with it.