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Sample the latest issue of the worlds foremost magazine for traders. Search a traders glossary of trading terms.

This library site includes a wide selection of books on European trading. Also includes many books in Italian. It is linked to a commentary site that includes articles in both English and Italian.

The StarTrader report offers advanced trading tactics and other resources.

Active Trader magazine has developed a strong trading focus and explores a variety of technical and charting approaches. It is very US orientated.

Traders Press offers trading and investments books including many out of print and hard to find items. Traders Press, Inc...serving traders since 1975.

The best Australian trading, market and financial books are available from Wrightbooks.

We find Traders' Library  is the best US site for ordering trading books. Their service is good, their range excellent and they also stock some hard to get classics. We recommend them as US suppliers.

Other Australian trading and investment books, software, magazines and newsletters are available from Moneybags.

The Educated Investor bookshop offers a good range of investment and trading books.

Dymocks Australia now have a web site and a range of trading books can be ordered direct by mail. For more books on the markets and using technical analysis you can browse an excellent range of trading books, including many US titles, which are now available by mail from PJW or QBL.

The Stock Market Log Book provides a useful planning guide for investors and traders.

Financial Trading Inc as a well priced, quick and very reliable supplier of books from the US.

Applied Derivative Trading  These two e-zines are updated fortnightly and focus on derivatives and derivatives trading. They are free publications and provide useful information for new and experienced traders.

FUTURES magazine provides good specialised coverage of the US markets.

LiveWire is a monthly newsletter published an independent company, Morpheus Investments. It examines a range of issues of interest to traders and investors.

Additional market books and software are also available from Fraser Books  who  also offer a website with a good collection of contrary opinion books and reprints from the 30"s, including orginal leather bound copies of Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd. One of the world's premier investment bookshops, Global Investor,   has the largest online catalogue (1,100+) of financial books anywhere in the world.

A full Index is available for the weekly Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis newsletter. Back issues are now only available on CD.


Position size is a function of available risk capital.